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A. Paradise Online (Walk-through) Section 1 & 2- Beginnings & Rules of the Garden

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A. Paradise Online (Walk-through) Section 1 & 2- Beginnings & Rules of the Garden

Post by New Dawn - Grave Breaker on Sun Sep 20, 2015 2:04 am

Booting System...100%
Main Power....Good
Emergency Power...Good
Link Connection...Good

Welcome to Paradise, "Insert Name"...

Creator's Voice: Hello and welcome to my home, this world is meant to be free from worries, created to serve those wanting to reach a higher understanding of life in general, wanting hope, peace and love to exist. My name is not important but allow me to introduce you to the world you are about to explore. This world is a garden of paradise. Please allow me to share a quote from a book I read before, "In the time of darkness, light shall be born to not destroy darkness but help keep balance, for without balance paradise cannot be born." This came from a great figure, and that figure is you...

Starting core system protocol...00-52-20-68

+ Section 1 - Beginnings +

- Within this world avatars of the their creators run wild in order to change the way they live and exist. As one is "reborn" in a way to grow again, reaching higher and new powerful status that no other person would ever dream, allow me to start with the basic system layout. (A menu soon opens showing a list of some kind.) As you progress this is the main race that exist within this world you are entering.

Race Section

< Human: The balanced form of life that exist within Paradise, though they show great strength they also show great weakness, they are know for their behaviors of starting wars with others they do not understand or believe. Trust among them is hard for the other races. But there are others that are born without the past understanding of hatred and only care about living. The Humans show potential in learning Dawn or Dusk spells.

Gender - Section This is a basic question for all and everyone that loves to choose between the two forms of gender. Now its best to chose wisely cause once you choose there is not going back.

< Male(s): Believed to be one sided when coming to thinking their brute strength in battle and strong will to fighting is what keeps them moving forward. Some believe they are not able to understand the loving heart others believe they are the reason for war. But only that can be decided about upon you. Because of the way the body is build they improve greatly in Strength and Endurance.
Bonus: +1 to Strength & Endurance during Creation

< Female(s): Believed to be able to multitask within battles and out of them. With their quick reflexes and sharp thinking minds. One will be faced to have a female by their side as they are cunning and swift like the breeze. Their hearts are fragile but some are strong. For they are the reason for taming a male figure. Because of the way their body is build they improve greatly in Dexterity and Intelligence.
Bonus: +1 to Dexterity & Intelligence during Creation

- Wonderful you are doing great with this, Now with that in mind please do not forget that you can change the appearance of yourself during the selection of the races. Though some detailed of the races can be found on their page. This gives you a better understand of how that race acts. Shall we move on to the next section. This is the best and one of the final one's that is best known...(Going down once more the menu selects the final option available for the player.)

Birth Type Section - A strange selection will open now, this determines many other things that are soon to appear if one is not careful this can lead to be a dangerous life or a peaceful life in the end.

< Dawn Type: The one to understand that life is about forgiveness allowing one to change their dark habits into power. One who follows this path will allow themselves to unlock a power that is greater known to others. Once chosen a hidden power will awaken within one that is able to protect those that are loved and save the enemies that have fallen.
Bonus: Able to Unlock Advance Dawn

< Dusk Type: The one to understand that life is about nothing more then selfishness and only obtain what they truly desire for power. Crushing those of dawn they will continue to follow a dark future allowing a greater power to be unlocked. Once chosen hidden power will awaken within one that is able to destroy those you hate or erase the existence of those that are pure.
Bonus: Able to Unlock Advance Dusk

< Chaotic Type: The one to understand that life is not about good or evil, light or dark, dawn or dusk. They obtain what they need the live with what they believe in. With morals by their side they choose to either save or crush those that are either dawn or dusk. They can choose both paths as one will always cross this later in life. Once chosen hidden powers will awaken within one that is able become a Savior or Destroyer.
Bonus: Able to Unlock 1 Advance Dusk & 1 Advance Dawn

- Splendid, you have done well with reading over these few sections now its time to begin with the rest of the sections below. If having a hard time finding them just do the find command it always helps within a tight spot. Please note that this is only the beginning as the rest of the sections will now unlock for you.

Starting core system protocol...10-54-66-23

+ Section 2 - Rules of the Paradise +

- You have completed reading over the previous section I see, very well then its time to continue on to the next best thing shall we. The rules to the garden or Paradise if one would say. Its rather simple but as they say, simple can be rather complex to most.

+ Hierarchy of Paradise+
- Strict guidelines have been created in order to keep everyone from harm and causing trouble for others. First the system's hierarchy should be explained for those that have any questions.

The Game Master - Is the one that monitors the site's basic functions such as, Announcements, Events and even Dice Controls the GM also controls the locations of many things and creation of Quests and Raids that the Players perform. Nobody can contact the GM for anything as its an AI ran program. But also note that only the GM can ban or suspend accounts as well should a Rule be broken.
Max: 1
Slot: Taken

Virtues - These are selected several that are able to guard and watch over any and all activities within Paradise. If anything should to happen contacting a Virtue to look into things is the safest way if anything. They take control of Special Boss fights and even Boss fights. They are able to join within the game and start like everyone else or obtain a character at the cost of not being allowed to do anything to keep them things fair.
Max: 7
Slot: 6 Remain

Guards - These are voted on players that are able to join the ranks of few. A Guard's job is to report any and all activities of players that being shady to the Virtues. They keep order to the game and keep danger from rising. A guard usually answers to the Virtue that hired them as well get training from with the system controls in one day becoming a Virtue should one step down.
Max: 2 Per Virtue
Slot: 21 Remain

+ Joining the family of Paradise+
O - One must read the starting Sections of 1 and 2 before continuing. As this unlocks a feel for the game before actually creating a character.
O - After reading Sections 1 and 2, proceed to create a character, using the Profile system on the forum and generating the character's sheet.
O - Post up a Diary for the character, this will then be reviewed by a Virtue for approval, one cannot RP until approved.
O - Any Threads/Topics or Post before approval shall be removed.
O - You may edit the Profile after posting up Links of all gains within the Character's Dairy.
O - A player can have multiple character's but requires one to have a NEW ACCOUNT.

+ General Rules of Paradise +
O - Anyone caught Double-Posting they will gain a warning, please use the 'Edit' Function to change your post or add something missing.
O - Do not Spam, if one continues to spam the warning is now and will automatically be suspended for several days until banned.
O - Any negative behavior towards Players or Staff, will not be allowed, 1st time is verbal warning 2nd time is suspended and 3rd time is banned.
O - Please have thread title show rating if going beyond, this is a PG-13 Site and we wish to  keep young eyes safe.

+ Death & Player Killing +
O - If your character dies, they are forever dead unless revived by special means.
O - All Topics/Threads with character are automatically Locked, as they cannot join or create new ones.
O - Equipment, Items, etc are lost upon death are lost with them, Unless they killed in PvP, TvT or Married.
O - Player's are allowed to kill others based upon two factors, 'Duels' or outside a 'Holy Area' Please send link of thread for a Virtue to change the title on your profile to correct color code
@First Sphere wrote:Green (Angel) = One that has not committed a crime and can travel to Holy Areas, this last until someone kills a player or commits a crime.
Yellow (Mortal) = One committed a crime and cannot travel to Holy Areas as they will be arrested on sight, thus they must use black market shops. This last for only 3 days before being lifted.
Red (Devil) = One committed a series of crimes, they cannot travel to Holy Areas, as they will be killed on sight, thus they must use black market shops and special locations. This cannot be lifted no matter the means. The requirement is 5 Kills under the belt. (Total)
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