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C. Paradise Online (Walk-through) Section 5 & 6 - Combat + Drop Guide

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C. Paradise Online (Walk-through) Section 5 & 6 - Combat + Drop Guide

Post by New Dawn - Grave Breaker on Sun Sep 20, 2015 6:11 pm

Starting core system protocol...18-44-12-98

+ Section 5 - Combat System +

- Ah, the next protocol has loaded this is great news indeed. Now its time to explain the combat system within the site. First its based upon how badly do you want to live within this new world. Are you able to survive the harsh conditions or perish when the time comes. Well then let us spark that reason to live to move forward and create a paradise for yourself. During which Players will use the "Paradise Dice System - PDS" Which includes a few of the dices you will run into within the world. The Combat Dice or CD is used to determines the outcome of an attack.

+ Combat Dice - [CD]
- This determines the outcome of attacks.

- Now that has been broken down its time to begin the next phase. Critical moments in time or hits for that matter. What this means is having the CD land on a certain number can trigger a Critical which can increase the damage output by several folds. A chart below explains the moments a critical happens and what is gained.

CD - Critical Trigger Chart
Modifications do not help with triggering critical, only the base roll of CD.
[1 - 5] = Epic Fail
[6 - 10] = Fail
[11 - 15] = Success
[16 - 20] = Critical Success (DMG x1.15) (15%)

- Guess the time to explain how damage works within the site, knowing how battles are ran one should also know how damage is created if anything. First know t his that everything is important to the player. First let's show you a basic Skill technique.

+ Physical / Mystical Arts +
Player A - Performs Victory Slash: DMG = (STR x 2) as well it cost them an "X" amount of Stamina to perform.
Player A then rolls the CD giving them a 11.
Player B then takes the damage.
Player B - Takes DMG - END = HP Lost

- Did that make sense? That's good to hear. Now its time to explain the next part of combat the Beasts known in Paradise. Several types exist and this can give off to wonderful outcomes of battle to earn better currency or Halo as its called within the game. It comes down to when a player chooses the time to battle a monster or encounter. The location will display a list of monsters that roam the area including their lowest to highest levels. The monsters are broken within 20 Tiers. Afterwards the Beast attribute work like (Highest Level Player x 25 = Monster's HP). As for when it comes to damage the Beast do (Tier x 5). To obtain rewards or drops the Beast must have at least 50% or half of the highest HP Player and the Reward Dice (RD) must be 11+ upon defeat, this can be explained more through the Drop/Reward Guide

- Who control's the actions of the Beast? Well the one who started the thread, there are three to four different ways to have a battle against a Beast. This is explained like so. In Solo or (So) the creator controls the Beast in battles, no matter what you will play as the Beast. Within a Party or Raid (Pa) or (Ra) who ever spawns the monster plays as the monster. Example Player A spawns a Wolf, thus they play as the Wolf. While playing a Beast one uses the Beast Dice or (BD) instead of the Combat Dice (CD).

+ Beast Options +

A - Create the Beast's Actions within the one's own post.
B - Creating separate posts, describing the actions of the Beast as if it was another player. This allows the Player to make legal double posts.
C - Asking for assistance from a "Guard" to RP the Beast.
D - Asking for assistance from an outside "Player" to RP the Beast

A few may believe that Option A, could be the best as it keeps you in check of not just your actions but the Beasts. Others may see that Option B is better because it shows another form of battle by turn. While both are true it all depends on the one who uses the option. As Option C and D allow the Players to see what its like to fight against another and see how they use the Beast within battles. So it gives some lively hood when battling Beasts.

Did you know?
That Bosses/Quests Bosses can be controlled by Player either party, but Event Bosses are controlled by Virtue solely for Event usage.

+ Battle Types +

- Moving along, are you able to keep up with me? Good if not I can slow it down for you? No alright then I shall move towards the types of combat that one is able to select. Battles can happen based upon several outcomes or choices of the Players.

PvE = Player versus Environment
- This means that Players are forced to fight against the Environment within the game, basically fighting against Beasts or trivial things. This happens no matter where who it is. As Players will be faced with fighting against the Beasts to move on ahead.

PvP = Player versus Player
- This means that Players are forced to fight against another Player within the game, but with several rules placed within in the PvP to make it more interesting and fair for Players. Please know that Players have the right to accept or decline Options A thru C. But cannot decline in Option D, so be careful who you talk with or party up with. Each is a Turn Based System, challenged gets first action.

Option A = 3Cs or Three Contacts - The first to make contact three times on the player is noted to be the Winner.
Option B = 25% HP - The first to get their target, to 25% HP is declared Winner.
Option C = Duel - The first to get their target, to "0" HP is declared Winner and obtain the losing player's Equipment, Items and Halo (Players are not counted as PK as this is a Legal Form.)
Option D = Player Killing - This is illegal form of battle causes one to obtain a PK mark, turning their marker Yellow or Red. Because of this the one that Wins in killing a player does not obtain any Equipment,Items or Halo from the deceased Player.

Tier Boss & Event Boss Combat
- When you believe you are set to leave the Continent, moving on to the next one, you must face against the Tier Boss. These boss types are controlled by Virtues only They have a very very strict Turn base System as they allow themselves to move based upon several accounts. The top 3 fastest Players get to perform their first actions. Then the Boss perform its action, After wards the next 3 fastest Players, and etc unless special actions are triggered.

- Event & Tier Bosses have a large set HP and Damage system then others, so be warned of this and carry extra supplies with you. Because they will not go easy on you as you will not go easy on them.

Starting core system protocol...00-84-10-69

+ Section 6 - Drop/Reward System +

- As one would have guessed there is a way to obtain rewards after fighting or just finding the item within an area that you are located within. Now the way this works is simple you take the Reward Dice or (RD) roll it to see the results that are gained. This seems easy but certain options are allowed to give out rewards even more so each has its own requirement to getting rewards.

Options Each Option is explained below
1. Battle against Beasts or Bosses
2. Gathering, Fishing, Mining
3. Treasure Chest
4. Underworld Completions (Dungeons)

Battle Rewards (Beasts and Bosses)
- A beast or boss that is defeated by the Player must have at least 50% more HP than the highest Level Player in order for a drop to even be allowed. The dice scale below shows what is gained from the Reward dice when rolled after a Beast has been defeated.

Reward (Drop) Dice Results

RD - Results = [1 - 10] - No Drop
RD - Results = [11 - 20] - Beast HP x 5 = Halo Gained
RD - Results = [21 - 30] - Beast HP x 5 = Halo Gained & +1 Rarity: 1 Item/Equipment/Martial
RD - Results = [31 - 40] - Beast HP x 10 = Halo Gained & +2 Rarity: 1 Item/Equipment/Martial
RD - Results = [41 - 50] - Beast HP x 10 = Halo Gained & +3 Rarity: 1 Item/Equipment/Martial

Cooking, Fishing, Gathering, Hunting, Mining,
- One is able to perform special skills within the game, allowing them to basically fend for themselves. This section helps with the Player being able to use their Profession(s) to the fullest if f they allow it. No matter what a Player will obtain all three of the Extension Skills that are listed. When coming to Rewards, they seek only to obtain what they see worth while. Locations will the best location for everything allowing others to obtain what they are looking for.

Reward (Drop) Dice Results

RD - Results = [1 - 10] - No Drop
RD - Results = [11 - 20] - No Drop
RD - Results = [21 - 30] - +1 Material (Rarity: 1 to 2) | +1 Fish (Rarity: 1 to 2)
RD - Results = [31 - 40] - +2 Material (Rarity: 1 to 3) | +2 Fish (Rarity: 1 to 3)
RD - Results = [41 - 50] - +2 Material (Rarity: 4 to 5) | +2 Fish (Rarity: 4 to 5) (Submit Approval)

Treasure Hunting - Chest(s)
- A good way to find goods, is by hunting for Treasure. This can end up greatly or end up costing you depending on how everything turns out. You could end up becoming richer then you know allowing yourself to obtain everything you ever wanted or die trying.

Reward (Drop) Dice Results

RD - Results = [1 - 10] - Trap (DMG = Highest Level Player x 5) (Ignores END) + No Reward
RD - Results = [11 - 20] - Trap (Mimic Spawns DMG = Highest Level Player x 4 - Per Hit) (Ignores END) + No Reward unless killed.
RD - Results = [21 - 30] - Trap (DMG = Highest Level Player x 2) (Ignores END) + (25 x Tier Range = Halo) + 1 Rarity: 1 Item/Equipment/Martial
RD - Results = [31 - 40] - (50 x Tier Range = Halo) + 2 Rarity: 1 Item/Equipment/Martial or +1 Rarity 4 Item/Equipment/Martial (Submit Approval)
RD - Results = [41 - 50] - (75 x Tier Range = Halo) + 3 Rarity: 1 Item/Equipment/Martial  or +1 Rarity 5 Item/Equipment/Martial (Submit Approval)

Underworlds (Dungeons)
- These dangerous places allows one to travel deep within the areas searching for true glory as one faces against powerful Beasts that can change the course of how the races view everything. They live deep away from the races allowing their influence to take control, thus they call their homes Underworlds. As soon as you enter their world its going to be hell pay.

Reward (Drop) Dice Results (Upon Defeating Boss)

RD - Results = [1 - 10] - Nothing
RD - Results = [11 - 20] - Nothing
RD - Results = [21 - 30] - (Boss HP x 15 = Halo)
RD - Results = [31 - 40] - (Boss HP x 20 = Halo) +1 Rarity 4 Item/Equipment/Martial (Submit Approval)
RD - Results = [41 - 50] - (Boss HP x25 = Halo) +1 Rarity 5 Item/Equipment/Martial (Submit Approval) Or (Legendary Boss Item)
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