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Genesis City Information

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Genesis City Information

Post by New Dawn - Grave Breaker on Tue Sep 22, 2015 1:27 am

+ Welcome the Capital City, Genesis. The land is completely peaceful and safe from all harm if anything. As one will notice around twenty-five thousand (25,000) people live within this city. It’s also the home of the Queen that watches over Nelema. Her name is Sue Nelema, she’s the youngest daughter of the royal Nelema family that founded this country. Because of her power everyone respects her to the fullest. Upon the death of her father and mother she now rules and is also nicknamed the “Red Hair Goddess” for the beauty of her hair. Now Genesis City is full of shops, taverns, Inns and even Guilds. Crimes cannot be commited here unless challenged, this area is known as a “Holy Area.” The design of Genesis may seem complex but the road signs help as well as the colored bricks below. Yellow is the welcoming or entrance to the City, Blue leads to the Shops, Red leads to the Capital Building which is heavily guarded, Green leads to the Inns and Taverns finally the Violet leads to the Guilds within the City. Now good luck and enjoy your time be sure to meet up with others.

+ Country Data: Basic
x. Government Type: Dictatorship (Queen Sue Nelema)
x. Population: 25,000
x. Tier level: 1 (Lv 1 – 5)
x. Safety Level: Holy Area
x. Prominent Guilds: n/a
x. Prominent Factions: Genesis Guards (Army)

+ Country Data: Advance
x. Inns & Tavern: Yes
x. Shop Plaza: Yes
x. Profession Headquarters: No
x. Guild Headquarters: Yes
x. Airship & Train Station: Yes
x. Dojo & Arcane Library: Yes

+ Surrounding Areas Basic Information +
^ North of: Neola Town
v South to: Venasa Town
> East to: Kwarth Town
< West to: Uni Village

+ Surrounding Areas Beast Information +
^ North of: Black Boar Plains
v South to: Savage Wolf Plains
> East to: Black Boar Plains
< West to: Savage Wolf Plains

+ Notable Sights +
x - Inn & Tavern - x
Owner: Raza (NPC) Lv: 1
+ The Inn and Tavern are owned by the same citizen within the city. Her name is Raza, she has been living in the city after her home was destroyed in the Alphina Continent. The service is wonderful as it welcomes a nice bed to lay and relax in and a wonderful meal with drink included.
- Option: Rest (-200 Halo Fully Restored) & Meal (-150 Halo & x1.05 HP Restored)
- Effect: Room: Meetings with characters cannot be heard.

x – Shop Plaza - x
Owner: Varies
+ The shop plaza sells the basic equipment and items from starting travelers. This place is the best to finding the starting gear at least upgrade allowing you to live a bit longer.
- Option: Choose a shop located in Genesis City.

x – Guild Headquarters - x
Owner: Vincent
+ Wanting to start a Guild or maybe join a guild located within the area. This place gives the best information on Guilds that are famous within Nelema Continent. This helps with keeping order and allow others to progress further with help from others.
- Option: Guild Certificate (-100,000 Halo + 5 Signatures from other Players including self.)
- Option: Join “____” Guild (Permission from Founder/Leader of said Guild.)

x – Airship & Train Station - x
Owner: Operator
+ Here you can take a quicker way to the next location all it cost is knowing the location you are wanting to go to. The Airship gives you an aerial view of the world, while the Train takes you through it quickly. But its best to remember you can only travel to other places within the continent base upon what you choose. But only those of a certain level can select the choices.
- Option: Airship Ticket (-750 Halo – Travel to Town in Nelema – Level Req: 10)
- Option: Train Ticket (-750 Halo – Travel to Town/Village in Nelema – Level Req: 10)

x – Dojo / Arcane Library - x
Owner: Musha (Dojo) & Jin (Arcane)
+ The owners of the Dojo and Arcane library have traveled the world a few times and returned with knowledge but only share it for a fair price. If one really wants to improve then be aware everything has a price.
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