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Tempered Flames - Dojo

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Tempered Flames - Dojo

Post by New Dawn - Grave Breaker on Tue Oct 13, 2015 11:54 pm

x- Dojo - Tindou - x

< The dojo has been formed by warriors that have traveled all over Sephiroth in order to create powerful skills in order to protect others and keeping themselves alive within the wilderness.

(The dojo is filled with a large group of student's training among one another as a large man sits in the back watching them with his arms crossed while wielding a large staff. Soon another one would come over to approach you.)

Dojo Master: "Oh, well now new blood that has washed from the outside. What is it can I help with you?"

+ Options +
+ Purchase/Sell - Physical Opus
+ Leave
+ Explain the basic of Physical Arts
Dojo Master: "Ah, so you don't know the basic of physical arts do ya? Well no problem I'll be the one to explain that part for ya."

(Soon the menu opens pointing out the Gauge that is "Stamina")

Dojo Master: "Ya see that correct? Good good, then ya can learn anything it seems. This is caused the Stamina Gauge or SG for short. This helps with allowing one to perform the physical art they wish to use in battle. Note that physical arts are broken down into four sectional ranks. (Novice, Adept, Expert and Advance.) They use the same ranking system as the mystical spells, (Dawns and Dusks) hehe awesome now take a look at this.

> One-Handed Shields
– Rank: Novice (0/1000)
- Skill Type: Active
- Effect + Price: Wield/use a shield in either hand + Free

Dojo Master: "This is a physical arts that you see now, when you purchase this or gain it for free depending on the requirements it unlocks the new system called, physical arts. This means that techniques that are used by the physical art is placed under it allowing you to find and use the based upon the physical art. See I hope you understand this a bit. If not there is a Arena, that houses the Grand Nine they created the most powerful physical arts and can teach only a handful of people."

One-Handed Straight Blade Physical Art
[ - > V-Slash -- Cmb: 2 (SG Cost: ?? | Price: ??)

Dojo Master:"Now in order to learn a physical art. you have to purchase them with Hal. Any and almost everything gives you a chance to earn experience, in order to improve the arts. Be careful though some physical arts can be like making a deal with the dusk and dawn. It can be good or it can be bad. Now that ya have learn what a physical art time to move on in learning them. Good luck and stay alive."

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